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ABOUT Anny slegten

As Director of The Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta and The Reiki Training Centre of Canada, Anny has developed and structured the training and curriculum to the highest standards for both The Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta and the Reiki Training Centre of Canada.

Anny  Slegten - Summer 2018

Anny Slegten - Summer 2018


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A Reiki Master, Anny teaches the four levels of the “Usui Method of Natural Healing”. This is known by the name of “Usui Reiki” as it presently is taught in Japan. It is also called “Traditional Japanese Reiki” as well as “Reiki” as practiced in North America.

Anny was formally introduced to Life Force Energy training in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, in 1976, and was initiated into Reiki in Alberta in March 1992. 


The Hypnotic Experience with Anny


Anny Slegten has worked with thousands of clients and students throughout her career. It is typical that people experience a profound relief. These are some of the sentiments expressed to Anny:

After meeting with Anny, something lifted. I wish I had learned what she taught me 30 years ago. But I also learned that it is better that my dreams are fulfilled, at any age. That I enjoy life, in the present and future.
Having been her student in both reiki and hypnotism, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface. A whole world has opened up. It has brought richness, happiness and friendship.