Ménage à Trois

One summer afternoon, with all the windows open, my friend overheard her neighbour’s husband talking to his wife as he came home from work.

Later that evening, as she was in the yard, my friend found herself talking to the wife over the fence.

My friend said, “My windows were open, and I could overhear your husband greeting you when he got home from work. I really admire how he talks to you!”

“What do you mean?” asked the wife.

“I heard him say ‘Hello, my darling, how was your day today?’” was my friends response.

“Ho”, said the wife, “that’s not to me… it’s to our dog!”

Anny Slegten
Whoops - A Tale of Two Sons

Observing how they are helping me, a hypnosis class declared that I have two sons: Colin and Boomer.

In early January I invited them for lunch at a Japanese restaurant I frequently visit. To my surprise, these two very different looking men looked the same! Same round face, same extra shorth hair, each having gained a tremendous amount of weight from indulging over the Christmas holidays.

As the Japanese waitress came to take our order, looking at the two men she said to me “Oh, family reunion?  Are they your sons?”

Without even thinking I answered “Yes, two different fathers.”

Had I had a camera, the disbelieved look of the waitress would have won me a prize.


Anny Slegten